Extra Services

Extra Services

Add any of these extra services to your full service bath or/and groom for extra pampering!

Nail Buffing - $5
Nail buffing will make your dog’s nails shorter and smoother.  
Teethbrushing - $10
Freshen your pup’s breath with teeth brushing! We will brush your dog’s teeth, apply a gel that helps against tarter and plaque build up, and a fresh breath spray will be applied.  
Nail Pawlish - $10
We offer a variety of colors that can be applied to your dog’s nails. Canine Nail polish is 100% safe and 100% adorable!  
Pad Cream - $5
A paw balm that is applied to help with dry and cracked paw pads.
Flea and tick shampoo $5-$10
Our flea and tick shampoo is all natural and does not effect the use of topical flea treatments.  
Mud bath - $20
Restores the skin and coat. Conditions Skin with Valuable Minerals. Exfoliates Skin to Remove Impurities. Hydrates with 100% Certified Aloe Vera. Provides skin and coat with valuable minerals that absorb into the body for greater health results.
Deshedding treatment - $10-$20
Got a shedding problem? Muddy Paws can help with our de-shedding package! Gentle, Natural Oat Protein and Aloe shampoo. Especially formulated to release loose hair and undercoat while it cleans and conditions. Helps with seasonal and non-seasonal shedding. Reduces shedding up to 90%
Fancy paw package - $15
Nail buffing, paw pad application, and nail color.  
Safe color - $10-$25
For dogs that love attention! Add a bit of color to your dog’s coat. Vegan and canine safe.


*these shampoos are included with your full service bath and groom: whitener, oatmeal, medicated, degreaser, and hypoallergenic.


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