Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

Q – How old does my puppy have to be before I bring him/ her in to muddy paws for a spay day?

A – Puppies can be brought in for a grooming appointment as soon as the second round of shots (DHLPP) has been completed. This is for the safety of your puppy. It is important to bring your puppy in for grooming early on to familiarize him/her with the grooming process. With frequent visits your puppy will soon learn that the grooming process is positive and FUN!

Q – How long will the grooming appointment take?

A – Depending on the services provided and type of coat your dog has -an estimate of one to 3 hours is needed.

Q – Do you groom big dogs?

A- Muddy paws accepts and has the experience with all breeds small to extra large!

Q – Do you groom cats?

A -We can no longer groom cats due to allergies (I know we are bummed too!)

Q – What are your hours?

A – We are by appointment only. Appointments are available Monday through Saturday. Each pet gets their own uninterrupted appointment time just like when you visit the hair dresser yourself!  Having worked at previous salons I have found this reduces the stress on the dogs and helps to make their experience more positive and calming. An estimated

Q – How much will grooming cost/ What do you charge?

A – The cost of grooming depends on many factors such as size, coat type, condition of coat, breed of dog, and any extra services that may be added. An exact cost can be given once we see the dog/ cat.

** An estimated price can be given over the phone and may be more or less once we see the dog in person.

Q – Do you give discounts If I have multiple dogs.

A – No sorry, I can not give multiple dog discounts because it takes the same amount of time to groom four dogs from one household as it does from four separate customers dogs from four different households.


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