Full Service Grooming

Muddy Paws Full Service Dog Grooming

Bringing your dog to the groomers can be essential to your dog’s health. With regular grooming appointments At muddy paws we can help keep your dog in tip top shape! From matted coats to heavily under coated fur to light trimming we can tackle it all!

At muddy paws we understand that your dog is your family, and we do everything we can to keep your dog comfortable and less stressed during the grooming process. It is important to keep regular grooming appointments for your dog to build trust and a relationship with the groomer. Book your appointment today and see how muddy paws can help your dog shine!

Services included in full service groom:

  • Bath with high quality shampoo specific to your dog’s coat and skin needs
  • Conditioner
  • Blueberry facial
  • fluff dry
  •  brush out
  • haircut specific to your dog’s needs and lifestyle.
  • breed standard cut from desired.
  • ear cleaning
  • nail trim
  • furfume
  • * glands and ear plucking upon request.

At muddy paws we treat your dog like our own. We understand each dog is different and requires different attention. Some dog’s love their spa days others can’t stand to be pampered. Our team is educated in dog behavior and we strive to make the grooming experience as positive as possible. Wether it’s Aggression issues or hyperactivity we will always try to complete the grooming process with the dog and groomers safety in mind.  Please let us know before the appointment of any temperament or health issues your dog may have.

* dematting is an extra fee depending on severity

Dematting is only available for dogs who tolerate brushing. Muddy paws will not brush out mats if the dog shows signs of pain or becomes overly stressed.

*Humanity before vanity*

Muddy Paws does not groom pregnant dogs.


Call or text 925-813-0685 to make a Dog Grooming Appointment!

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